Once Upon a Time 100th Episode Celebration: “Fan Favorites” Top 10 Best Episodes

Greetings Oncers! I am so happy you all have been enjoying my Top 10 Best Episodes for each season in my Once Turns 100 celebration. To all who participated and sent in their Top 10 lists, thanks you so much. As promised here are everyone’s lists, so this article is completely fan generated. I loved seeing what your thoughts on what were the best episodes of this magical series and thought it was wonderful to not only see consistency amongst the picks but also lots of variations. I have my choices, you all have yours it’s wonderful! Some of you even included reasons behind your choices, and I have included those as well for everyone to enjoy!!

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So without any further ado, here the “Fan Favorites” Top 10 Best Once Upon a Time episodes:


1. Snow Drifts/There’s No Place Like Home
2. Good Form
3. The Broken Kingdom
4. Dark Hollow
5. Nimue
6. The Apprentice
7. Birth
8. Poor Unfortunate Soul
9. Unforgiven
10. (Tie) Operation Mongoose/The New Neverland

Onceuponatime. storybrook

1. Snow Drifts
2. Skin Deep
3. Broken Heart
4. Swan Song
5. Tallahassee
6. Pilot
7. Manhattan
8. There’s No Place Like Home
9. Second Star to the Right
10. Operation Mongoose Parts 1&2

Emily Moore

1. Snow Drifts/There’s No Place Like Home
2. Good Form
3. Tallahassee
4. Dark Hollow
5. Poor Unfortunate Soul
6. Swan Song
7. Broken Heart
8. New York City Serenade
9. Birth
10. The Dark Swan

Joan Holden

1. Pilot
3. A Land Without Magic
4. Snow Drifts/There’s No Place Like Home
5. Manhattan
6. Going Home
7. New York City Serenade
8. Swan song
9. The Dark Swan
10. Operation Mongoose Parts 1&2

Yam Oncers

1.The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
2. Red-handed
3. A Land Without Magic
4. Welcome to Storybrooke
5. The Evil Queen
6. Witch hunt
7. A Tale of Two Sisters
8. The Snow Queen
9. Shattered Sight
10. Lily
Honorable Mention: Swan song


1. The Broken Kingdom
2. There’s No Place Like Home
3. The Apprentice
4. Poor Unfortunate Soul’
5. Operation Mongoose Part 2
6. Good Form
7. The Crocodile
8. Pilot
9. New York City Serenade
10. An Apple Red as Blood

Wendy Van Harten 

1. Swan song
2. Pilot
3. The Crocodile
4. A Land Without Magic
5. Good Form
6. Operation Mongoose Part 1&2
7. Quite a Common Fairy
8. The Heart of the Truest Believer
9. Hat Trick
10. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

Tomas Ceyssens 

1. The Dark Swan
2. Pilot
3. Tallahassee
4. Sympathy for the De vil
5. The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter
6. Manhattan
7. Broken
8. Operation Mongoose (Parts 1 & 2)
9. Nimue
10. The Bear and the Bow

Genesis Valenzuela 
1. Birth (introducing Dark Hook)
2. Snow Drifts/There’s No Place Like Home (Captain Swan trip to the past & CS becomes canon)
3. The Crocodile (Captain Hook’s first appearance)
4. Good Form (Hook & Emma’s first kiss, Killian’s backstory)
5. Tallahassee (Hook & Emma climb the Beanstalk, Emma’s backstory)
6. The Apprentice (Captain Swan first date)
7. Swan Song (Hook’s Death,  Emma vows to save him)
8. Operation Mongoose (Alternative Universe, Emma becomes the Dark One,  Emma says “I Love You” to Hook for the first time)
9. Nimue (Emma communicates with Nimue, Emma and Hook’s first exchange of I love You’s)
10. The Jolly Roger (Hook and Ariel’s Adventure in the missing year, Zelena tricks Hook, “I swear on Emma Swan”)

Sharon DeBiagio

1. Pilot
2. White Out
3. A Land Without Magic
4. Tallahassee
5. New York Serenade
6. Smash the Mirror Part 1
7. Manhattan
8. Good Form
9. Birth
10. The Broken Kingdom
Honorable mention 1 Operation Mongoose: Part 2
Honorable mention2 The Apprentice

Niamh McCusker 

1. Snow Drifts/There’s No place Like Home
(It was a CS movie episode & Emma accepted Killian. It was funny seeing Emma flirting with past Hook and then Killian punching him. Plus the ball scene was so special for both of them. I just loved all the moments with them)
2. Good Form
(Obviously because of the first CS kiss and seeing the kind of man Killian was before he became a pirate and his brother Liam. Plus it was great seeing Killian was becoming a hero)
3. Poor Unfortunate Soul
(I thought the backstory for Hook and Ursula was really good and it helped show how much Killian has changed and wanted to help her. Plus I thought it was so heartwarming and beautiful to hear that Killian’s happy ending is Emma and the kiss they had was so beautiful)
4. The Broken Kingdom
(This was a brilliant episode because of the scenes with Emma and Killian and I thought the backstory to Arthur and Guinevere was good. It was so sweet and loving of Killian to show his support and love for Emma and the kiss in the Middlemist field has to be one of my favourites. Helping her to relax and giving her one of the flowers was amazing. Plus it was funny seeing Killian act like a dad to Henry)
5. The Apprentice
(I was so pleased at seeing Emma and Killian going on their first day, they had the qualities of a real couple in this episode with all the flirting, hand holding and Killian lending Emma his jacket. Plus I thought Emma looked so beautiful and Killian looked hot. The kiss they had was so romantic especially the part where Killian wrapped his arms around Emma)
6. Swan Song
(The backstory for Killian was brilliant and I thought Brennan was great in this episode. Even though it was so heart breaking I was so pleased to see Killian fight back against Nimue and the other Dark Ones and absorb the darkness into Excalibur. I thought he was a true hero here and brave and selfless. Colin and Jen did a brilliant job in that scene, I cried so much at that scene and felt so sorry for both Emma and Killian. I know that Emma will succeed in bringing Killian back and I’m so pleased at seeing Emma come so far with love)
7. Operation Mongoose Part 2
(It was fun watching the alternate reality in the book. I thought it was a great twist where Snow and David were the villains and Regina saved Henry despite only “meeting” him. The scenes with Emma and Killian were my favourites because of how Deckhand Hook fell for Emma and sacrificed himself for her and Henry: a true hero. I hated seeing Emma become the Dark One but I was pleased that she told Killian she loved him)
8. Tallahassee
(It was fun seeing Emma and Killian connect for the first time and all the flirting was fun. I wished she could’ve accepted him there and fallen for him sooner though. It was a good way to show a potential relationship taking place)
9. Nimue
(I loved seeing Killian help Emma by giving her his ring and telling her he loves her. Plus I did enjoy seeing Merlin’s backstory and how Nimue became the first Dark one. My favourite scene would have to be where Emma fought back against Nimue and got the Promethean flame)
10. Birth
(I loved seeing Emma and Killian back in Camelot when they discussed their future together. I thought it was so brave of Killian to reveal all his sins to Emma and telling her he loves her. I also thought it was so heartbreaking what happened to Killian and Emma when he was dying and what she did to save him)

Sofia Anastasiu
1. Snow Drifts/There’s No Place Like Home
2. Tallahassee
3. Swan Song”
4. Going Home”
5. Good Form
6. Dark Hollow
7. Lady of the Lake
8. Pilot
9. Poor Unfortunate Soul
10. The Doctor


1. Snow Drifts/There’s No Place Like Home
2. White Out
3. Operation Mongoose Part 2
4. Good Form
5. Nimue
6. Swan Song
7. Tallahassee
8. Hat Trick
9. Poor Unfortunate Soul
10. The Apprentice

Uzumaki Soso Chan
1. Birth
2. There’s No Place Like Home
3. The Apprentice
4. Operation Mongoose Part 2
5. Going Home
6. Broken Heart
7. The Jolly Roger
8. Swan song
9. Good Form
10. New York City Serenade

Nicola Green

1. Snow Drifts/There’s No Place Like Home
(The whole time travel thing! Seeing Emma and Hook back in the Enchanted Forest and interacting with Belle, Rumple, Blue, Snow, Regina, Red and Charming without them knowing who they really are was fantastic. Emma distracting Enchanted Forest Hook- and enjoying herself too. But the scene that took the biscuit and makes this my number one choice is the whole “you traded your ship for me?” “Aye” scene where Emma fully acknowledges Hook’s feelings for her and begins to accept her feelings for him)
2. Swan Song
(Never has an episode- not even the Grey’s Anatomy episode where Derek died- had me sobbing as much as this one did. Seeing Hook claw his way back into the light and sacrifice himself for the woman he loves and her family and friends showed just how much of a journey he has been on over the series; plus seeing the devastation his death caused to everyone else also showed the journey they have all been on. The most touching scene was Snow comforting Emma so naturally, and Emma allowing her to do so, after feeling like she didn’t know how to do so in previous situations)
3. Good Form
(Seeing another part of Hook’s back-story and how he became a pirate, his history with Neverland and his moment of realisation of his feelings towards Emma after their kiss)
4. White Out
(Seeing Charming and Hook working together to save Emma and seeing Charming pushing Emma into Hook’s arms after she is freed from the ice showing that Charming is starting to accept he can’t choose who his daughter falls in love with and that she has chosen Hook)
5. The Crocodile
(Nothing much to say other than it’s the introduction of Hook/Killian Jones!!
6. Dark Hollow
(Emma instinctively calling out Hook’s name rather than Neal’s when they get attacked by the shadows)
7. Birth
(The reveal of Emma’s reasoning behind why she was doing what she was doing with the shock twist of Hook being turned into a Dark One)
8. Tallahassee
(Seeing more of Emma’s back-story explaining her trust issues whilst at the same time seeing her connecting with Hook without her realising it)
9. Heroes and Villains
(Belle’s reaslisation that Rumple hasn’t stuck to the promises he made in his wedding vows and sending him across the town line. Emma returning Hook’s heart and the very sexual tension filled kiss that followed)
10. Pilot
(Seeing Emma calmly chasing after her ‘date’ before slamming his head into the steering wheel of his car is a main highlight from this episode. I really like the introduction of all the other characters too)

There were 3 episodes that fell just outside my top 10 (if I could have got away with it I would have made them all joint 10th!) and they are:
Rocky Road
New York City Serenade
Going Home

Philippa Goulde

1. Snow Drifts/There’s No Place Like Home
2. Operation Mongoose
3. Going Home
4. The Price
5. Pilot
6. Birth
7. Nimue
8. Hat Trick
9. Ariel
10. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter


1. Birth
2. The Crocodile
3. The Jolly Roger
4. Snow Drifts & There’s No Place Like Home
5. Good Form
6. New York City Serenade
7. Swan Song
8. Poor Unfortunate Soul
9. The Apprentice
10. 7:15 am

Maria Trueba

1. Snow Drifts/There’s No Place like Home
2. White Out
3. Swan Song
4. Good Form
5.The Shepherd
6. Nimue
7. Tallahassee
8. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
9. Poor Unfortunate Soul
10. (Tie) Siege Perilous/Hat Trick
Honorable Mentions:
A Land Without Magic
Sympathy for the De Vil

Машкова Мария

1. Pilot
(The very beginning of the greatest story! I still remember the feeling when I’ve first watched this episode 5 years ago. I’ve started to like all of the characters from the first minute and ended up falling in love with them by the last one. It has helped me to believe in fairytales again.
A very first step in the story of Prince Charming and Snow and in meeting their daughter Emma, who doesn’t know yet how important she really is! Brilliant!
2. Snow Falls
(It was an amazing way to introduce us to the story of the core couple of Once Upon a Time – Charming and Snow. It has given to the viewers the very new look on how things happened between this canon characters! First meeting, first looks and chemistry! In the same time we can see what has the curse done to the characters. Brave, strong and absolutely fearless in the Enchanted Forest Snow and Prince Charming have turned into timid, non-confident and hopeless Mary Margaret and David. But I really loved how they still have been able to find each other despite the curse and Regina’s manipulations. True love indeed.)
3. Tallahassee
(Although this isn’t the first episode of Captain Hook (who I do love with all my heart) this was the one which started to open his character in a lot more different ways. Mainly it has shown the beginning of his relationships with Emma. I won’t ever forget their beanstalk talk and how Killian Jones was reading Emma Swan like an open book! Here we had a very first glance on Killian’s wounds; we see a very first connection of his loss of Milah with Rumple. And from the flashback we’ve realized how really damaged Emma is: first love which has opened her heart and let her be happy for the first time in her life ended up with a betrayal and prison…and pregnancy. And from that time we’ve understand: Swan and Jones are bonded together with a tiny fiber but we have a hope it’s going to grow with a time in something really amazing and special.)
4. Good Form
(I am totally in love with Captain Swan so this episode has given me chills and happiness and hope for Emma and Killian to understand how they could be a savior for each other. Not a start of their relationships but a really huge step in accepting what they feel for each other. And I totally loved how Killian has shown to David that a pirate deserves a credit. Furthermore we had a chance to see a great part of Killian’s life: we met his beloved brother Liam who has died in Hook’s arms and we realized why Killian has become a pirate in the first place. And started to see him as man of honor. And understood that he is damaged too. Love each minute of this episode.)
5. New York City Serenade
(What can I say? Just an amazing episode. Killian Jones is the One who saves the day: finds Emma in a different world, tries True Love Kiss with her (really, it has to work now in season 5 already!), convinces her to make a leap of faith and brings her back to Storybrook to help her family. “Nothing but a pirate”?! He never was and he never would be just this! While watching the episode one canon OUAT phrase has crossed my mind several times: “I will always find you”)
6. The Jolly Roger
(I can re-watch this episode 1000 times. And each time I find a scene between Ariel/Zelena and Killian so touching and heartbreaking! Killian’s “Yes” on “That woman who broke you heart…you still love her” and “I swear on Emma Swan” have literally said it all! The unbreakable strong adoration and passion for Emma Swan has made Killian a better man and has opened his heart for love and hope. All the awards to Colin O’Donoghue in this scene! And we defiantly can see some changes in Emma’s perception of Killian Jones. She finally sees him for what he truly is. They both are tired to live in the past! They want a new chapter of their lives to begin.)
7. Snow Drifts/There’s No Place Like Home
(This was two-hours final so I assumed it can be counted as one. Because that was a wonderful whole story which has brought a lot of things out. Adventures of CaptainSwan in the Enchanted Forest in the past are just amazing, funny and full of emotions! The two of them are just together, working side by side! It was really great to meet with Captain Hook from the past and see that Emma Swan is his type indeed. It was magical to see CS on the ball dancing together like they always were meant to be a prince and a princess. And of course the way Killian understands Emma like no one before and helps her to accept herself and find a home! The kiss their shared in the end of the episode after Emma discovered that Killian has given his ship for her was a pure magic! P.S.: “Who do I look like?! Marty MacFly?!” – “Marty MacWho?” – was the best! Laugh each time I hear it!)
8. Mother
(Love the episode because we had a lot of family dynamics there. I was happy to see that Emma finally forgave her parents for what they have done to Lilly. A small step for Emma closer to people she loves and who loves her and one wall that is brought down! And a talk at the pierce that Emma and Killian have is just amazing! We see that he understands her like no one can! He knows her and has a key to her heart! Once again he helps Emma to be reunited with her family. And Emma’s “I like when people find their good hearts along the way” said it all. She loves Killian and cherishes him and lets him in by sharing her deepest fears and thoughts. And I do love Maleficent and Lily reunion – another family is whole again. Although Regina’s story with her mom was very sad and tragic in some way. Family is everything after all!)
9. The Price
(A very emotional episode, which reminded us that magic always comes with a price. And one should understand how far he/she is willing to go to get what he/she wants. There were some really sweet scenes with Emma and Snow having ‘mother-daughter” talk, with Regina in a beautiful dress learning to dance, with Henry having his very first crush. Also I really love the ball scene – such a peaceful time filled with love and music. A great gift for all the fans. And how desperate both Emma and Killian were in trying to break the curse by kissing each other (TLK should defiantly work someday with this two)? Amazing emotional scenes. Beautiful episode in OUAT best style)
10. Swan Song
(This episode has literally broke my heart but still it has given something very special to all of OUAT fans! It has reminded us that love is always strong enough to quiet the Darkness, while you have hope and faith in yourself and in people who surrounds you. And it’s important to stop for a while, look inside and ask yourself – what kind of a person you really want to be? The outstanding episode with all of the actors creating a pure masterpiece on the screen – it was worth to watch from the very first second till the last minute. And the last words of the episode “Hook, I will find you. I will always find you” still give me chills! I do believe that Emma saves Killian and they finally have their happy ending!)


Jessica Parsons

1. The Price of Gold
2. Snow Drifts/There’s No Place Like Home
3. Tallahassee
4. Save Henry
5. Hat Trick
6. Lady of the Lake
7. Operation Mongoose
8. Swan Song
9. A Curious Thing
10. The Bear King
Honorable Mentions
Poor unfortunate Soul

Margaret Cav 

1. Skin Deep
2. Snow Drifts/There’s No Place Like Home
3. Lacey
4. The Price of Gold
5. Pilot
6. Sympathy for the De Vil
7. The Crocodile
8. The New Neverland
9. A Land Without Magic
10. Nimue

Melissa Brackx

1. Swan Song
2. There’s No Place Like Home
3. The Crocodile
4. Dark Hollow
5. Nimue
6. Operation Mongoose Part 2
7. Hat Trick
8 . Selfless, Brave and True
9. A Land Without Magic
10. White Out

Sonia Matos 

1. Snow Drifts and There’s No Place like Home
2. Manhattan
3. Tallahassee
4. Save Henry
5. Going Home
6. Dreamcatcher
7. A Land Without Magic
8. An Apple Red as Blood
9. The Heart of the Truest Believer
10. Shattered Sight

Lilyann Trombone 

1. Quite a Common Fairy
2. It’s Not Easy Being Green
3. Tallahassee
4. Hat Trick
5. The Stable Boy
6. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
7. Pilot
8. Good Form
9. 7:15 am
10. A Land Without Magic


1. Snow Drifts/There’s No Place Like Home (need I go into why)
2. Skin Deep (A well fleshed out Rumbelle episode)
3. Pilot (Entranced, ensnared, & just plain hooked me from the beginning)
4. Tallahassee (of course this one ha!)
5. Nimue (Jen’s acting & Emma’s stand against the Darkness)
6. (Tie) Birth/Swan Song 5×11 (please don’t make me choose!!) both heartbreaking but then HOPE)
7. Hat Trick (Dark twisty and Mad Hatter!)
8. Snow Falls (Snow & Charming first meet)
9. Operation Mongoose Part 1 (Fun!)
10. The Snow Queen (Sisterly bond and Elizabeth Mitchell!)
**Sophie’s Choice on many of these but I have to have 3 for honorable mention
Sympathy For the DeVil (or plain evil)
Good Form (well . . .)
The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (Graham!)

I hope you enjoyed reading everyone’s choices!! I know I certainly did!! Thank again to everyone for joining in the fun!! Let us give the show and all the fans a round of applause!!

jmo colin josh applause.gif

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