2015 Year in Review: Best Television Relationships

First of all, I wanted to thank all of you for making the first year at The Girly Nerd so special. Granted it has not been around for a year, but I wanted to follow in the footsteps of my fellow wonderful writers and venture into discussing what were some of the Bests of 2015. To begin with are the Best Relationships of the year. Because I do not watch quite as many shows as some, and because I think many different kinds of relationships deserve to be praised, this list not only features romantic couples, but also friendships and familial relationships. I also decided to just do one per show, but I make up for it in the Honorable Mentions. So without further ado, here are the relationships that made 2015 enthralling, beautiful and moving.

1. Emma Swan and Killian Jones (Once Upon a Time)


Emma and Killian’s relationship has always been beautiful, captivating and relatable, having developed naturally and steadily over the past 4 seasons. But 2015 brought their relationship to a deeply profound level as we saw two people who were once so lost and broken find a love so true that their wounded hearts are now willing to be completely open and vulnerable. It has been evident for quite some time how much Killian loves Emma, and this year we saw in abundance just how much she truly loves him.  Kindred spirits in every way, they have a deep understanding of one another and the ability to provide comfort, unfailing support, and passionate affection to each other. In this year alone we witnessed Killian telling Emma she is his happy ending, romantic walks, heartfelt promises, adventures in an alternate reality, first declarations of love, the bestowing of a precious ring, and the choosing of a house that represents their future together, as well kisses amongst hundreds of flowers, their names residing next to each other on a blade that was once the Holy Grail, and a love that literally ignited the first spark of mankind. Contrasted with romantic and light moments were also ones of tragedy, heartbreak and sacrifice, bringing their love story this year to epic proportions. With darkness thrust upon them, they both became Dark Ones, and we saw how they are able to chase away that darkness when reminded of  their love, trust and belief in each other. And even when they faltered with Emma nearly crushing a heart, saving Killian’s life by turning him into a Dark One and then not being honest with him, and Killian letting the darkness consume him in a quest for revenge, they were able to be brought back to the light, solidifying moving truths about their characters individually and as couple. Emma was able to let him go and vow to save him with love, not darkness, and Killian nobly sacrificed himself to save Emma and her family, destroying the darkness within themselves, and believing they were vanquishing that evil forever. Even though that latter was in vain, the sacrifice was not because it epitomized what makes their story so beautiful.  Through love they have been able to overcome their metaphorically demons, and now they were able to overcome physical ones- and they did so together. Tragic as this was, doesn’t that make it all the more special? Emma is now marching into the Underworld to save his life. Willing to go to Hell and back and share her heart with him, their story is as romantically epic as one can be. In 2015, Emma and Killian literally defeated a dragon together, and overcame the greatest darkness that ever was. Killian sacrificed himself twice for Emma and her future, and Emma is marching into the Underworld to save him proclaiming her family’s motto “I will always find you.” There are many moving and beautiful love stories, but the one between Emma Swan and Killian Jones is the kind of story that fairy tale dreams are made of.

Memorable Moments in Gifs

I may have gone a little overboard with the number of gifs for these two but who can blame me 🙂captain swan it's you

captain swan it's you 1

cs au1

cs canon

cs close2

cs i love you

cs hug 1

cs kiss 8



cs flowers1

cs love


cs close1

cs future

cs future1

cs don't leave

cs flowers

cs together flowers

cs not enough

cs close

cs lose

cs lose1

cs sacrifice

cs share

cs find you

2. Peggy Carter and Edwin Jarvis (Agent Carter)


From the moment these two characters met I knew I would love their relationship. From the mutual respect and witty banter, to the way they make a perfect team, Peggy and Jarvis are the indeed heart of the Marvel series. What I love most is that it is a relationship that is completely platonic. They obviously have a great connection, ability to work well together, and affection for each other, but prove that not every relationship is meant to be romantic. Instead we see the importance and beauty that friendship can have. Every scene between these two is golden, whether they be serious or light, and help to bring a real sense of gravity to the show.  They spent this first season in a variant of situations: suspended in the air, handcuffed together, in car chases, preparing to break through a window with a table (a classic one) and countless intrigues and moments of hilarious subterfuge, each utterly engaging, exciting and even moving. For a character that felt invisible at work, Jarvis gives Peggy the respect and sense of equal footing she deserves, and there is no greater sense of respect and trust on the series than between these two characters. Perhaps the most touching moment was when Jarvis revealed that he lied to his boss Howard Stark about the whereabouts of Steve Rogers’ blood, bestowing the vile to Peggy because she is one person in the world who knows what to do which such a gift. It was a beautiful moment and epitomized the loveliness of a friendship based on sincere kindness, esteem and integrity.

Memorable Moments in Gifs





3. Ross Poldark and Demelza Carne (Poldark)


There is something so special about period drama romance and couples, especially unlikely ones between people of different stations in life. Nowadays we are used to these kinds of relationships, so there needs to be something that makes them stand apart from the others. Ross and Demelza surely fit the bill. They are beautiful, sexy, and truly touching as their story developed over the first season of this stunning series. He rescued her from abuse and she became his kitchen maid but it was not long before we could see how much she adored him, and the growing attraction between them culminated in one of the sexiest scenes of the year as they succumb to that attraction as he helps her out of a gown. Beyond that attraction their love grew into something very deep and profound. On Christmas she sings a song and in that moment we saw the moment Ross realized how much he had fallen in love with her. It was sweet and tear inducing and laid the foundation for the love that grew deeper and deeper from that moment on with such swoon worthy lines such as “Come back to me my love.” She helped him to be a better man and he helped her come of her shell and become more confident, as they dealt with joys and blessings, hardships and tragedies. Their season ends with heartbreak as they lose their first child and Ross is arrested for a crime for which he is innocent, but we are still left with a sense of hope that they can overcome anything together.

Memorable Moments in Gifs







4. Kevin Ryan and Javier Esposito (Castle)


The partnership between detectives Ryan and Esposito has always been one of the best things about Castle and in 2015 we saw how much this relationship means to them, and indeed everyone on the show. It has always been the case with these characters, but this year especially solidified the importance of this type of relationship. They are more than just friends. They are partners. They are brothers. I don’t pretend to be an expert on police proceedings and dynamics but I do know that the relationship between partners is one of utmost importance. The best not only get along but know each other as well as spouses and family members. They always have each other’s back and are willing to risk their life for the other. Ryan and Esposito most definitely fall under all of these categories and what was special this year was that as they were struggling with feelings of resentment and anger, they were able to work through these conflicts and realize how much they mean to each other. When they both took the sergeants exam only Esposito passed, and then Ryan accidentally shot his partner. Of course things were tense after these events but when Ryan saved Esposito’s life, taking a bullet for his partner, they could see how petty they were being. You know things are serious when they use each other’s first names and in these moments that concluded 2015, we Javier is so grateful for his partner Kevin who took a bullet for him even though Kevin has a wife, a child, and another on the way. They are family and nothing will ever change that. And of course I would be remiss if I failed to mention how many laugh out loud moments these detectives also provided the show in 2015 especially a dance routine choreographed to Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” resulting in one of the best moments of the series. In truth we are the lucky ones whenever these two grace our screens!

Memorable Moments in Gifs

ryan espo dance

ryan espo hug

5. Henry and Abraham Morgan (Forever)


Even though this wonderful, enthralling show is no longer on the air, it did conclude its first and only season in 2015, and this relationship just had to be included. Certainly one of the most unique shows ever, this relationship is unlike any we have ever seen. It is a father and a son relationship between an immortal man and a son who is now much older than his Dad. Adopted by Henry and his wife as a baby and survivor of the Holocaust, Abraham is the only living person (besides the show’s nefarious villain and other immortal) that knew Henry’s secret and their dynamic provided much of the lightness and humor but also very moving moments of the series. The relationship between father and son is always complex and complicated and indeed giving their circumstances Henry and Abraham’s certainly is, but what was lovely was that despite this you never once doubt how much they love each other and will do anything to protect one another. When Abraham began looking into his heritage it was moving to hear him say that he “does not need a family tree to know who is Pops is.” Of course when they found out that they are in truth distantly related, they were elated and began seeing a family resemblance between them. It was a moment that expressed that some people are truly meant to be a part of our lives. For a man that lives forever, the love between Henry and his son Abraham is more precious that those countless years without him.

Memorable Moments in Gifs




6. Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt (Parks and Recreation)


From the moment these two adorable, intelligent nerds came together, our hearts and our television screens were made brighter. It is a privilege to watch comedy at its finest as well as a story that presents two people who love and respect each other as much as Leslie and Ben do. It was bittersweet to say goodbye to this delightful show, but in its 7th and final season, this couple continued to shine as one of the best on television. From their hilarious banter and ways they find each other sexy, to them breaking down gender and workplace stereotypes with absolute and refreshing truths, to the ways they continue to show each other unfailing support in their political careers, Leslie and Ben showcased a relationship we all can aspire to. In the final episode of the series they both planned to run for office and decided to flip and coin to see who would do so. Ben won but as they announce the news to their friends Ben proclaims that Leslie is running and the knowing look between them was beautiful. He knew how much it meant to her and so it was an easy decision. As they fast forward many years into the future it is alluded that one of them is President. Which one was uncertain, but it does not matter because we know that whoever it is, the love, high esteem and support for each other has not faltered one bit. Who wouldn’t want a love like Leslie and Ben.

Memorable Moments in Gifs

leslie ben dance.gif

leslie ben

lesllie ben 1


7. Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon (The Mentalist)


It took 7 seasons, but in the crime drama’s final bow, the unlikely partners of Jane and Lisbon finally became an official couple and we could not have been happier. Having gone through so much together, the best part of the final moments of the series were the ones that showed how two people who were very guarded and lost so much could find a sense of solace and peace with each other. They will always protect each other, and we now know they will always love each other. With the threat of Red John no longer plaguing them, there were still those who threatened their new relationship. An even though they struggled with moments of trust, in the end it was clear that they belong together. Patrick and Teresa finally learned to let go of their pasts and vowed to always look on the bright side of things. Smiles were rare for them but in the last episode we saw them happier than we ever had. As the two were wed and Lisbon revealed that she was pregnant in a quiet moment alone together, their expressions of pure joy were incredibly touching. The show’s final image was of Jane hugging his bride with a smile unlike any we have ever seen from his character. It was a beautiful showcase of the beautiful way that finding that one special person who can make your life better. Cue many, many tears.

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8. Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes (Downton Abbey)


As this wonderful period drama prepares to take its final bow, we must revisit it’s next to last season, also known as the one whether the two very proper head servants to Downtown Abbey finally came together. It was clear they always held in each in high regard, but when the two began looking into buying a cottage together to rent out to travelers and tenants, I could not help but see and hope that these two would finally realize they have true feelings for each other. In the final episode of the season we see the normally all too proper and serious Mr. Carson show a real moment of vulnerability as he assures Mrs. Hughes that he wants to be stuck with her. He proposes marriage and after her initial shock she happily accepts saying she thought he would never ask. We don’t often see love stories from characters like this, but if they are all as realistic and sweet as this one, I say there should be more. But of course Carson and Mrs. Hughes would remain steadfast in our hearts as one of the best relationships from this lovely and captivating series.

Memorable Moments in Gifs



9. Scarlett O’Connor and Gunnar Scott (Nashville)


I will openly admit that I have not seen every episode of Nashville (although I would love to one day when I can). I came into the series late and one of the first big draws for me was relationship and chemistry between Scarlett and Gunnar. It was clear to me they still cared deeply for each other and frankly belonged together. Although they have spent 2015 in other relationships, two things remain true: their ability to be friends, and the musical magic they make together. Even if it was frustrating when we saw them with other people all was forgiven when they would take the stage together. Moreover, we saw that despite Gunnar’s feelings he was able to let them go for her sake and just be her friend as she was grieving the loss of her mother. He even helped her boyfriend write a song to help her with her sorrow and took no credit  for it. That kind of selflessness was echoed in the year’s final episode when he said they could make the band work even if she wanted to move to Seattle. All that mattered to him was her happiness. We can see that Scarlett wants to find that kind of selflessness in a relationship, and clearly she did not have that with her doctor boyfriend. This was a sign of hope that 2016 may being these crazy kids back together again.

Memorable Moments in Gifs




10. Danny Wheeler and Riley Perrin (Baby Daddy)


If there was one word to describe the relationship between these two best friends in 2015 it would be “finally!” It was always clear that despite Danny’s unrequited feelings for Riley and her pining for his younger brother Ben that these two were meant to be. Although it took a long time to get them to this place, when the truths were finally laid out on the table they came together in both a funny and lovely ways. As they both cried watching The Princess Bride claiming this was their favorite movie, Riley watching in tears while boyfriend Ben was asleep and Danny unbeknownst to them a few rows back, also in tears, it was so obvious that this was the fairy tale that was meant to be. Danny always said he wanted to be her Prince Charming and her hero. When they met as children she said he was as he carried her home after she sprained her ankle. It only took 20 years for her to realize that his love was not unrequited. She loved him too and they showed us just how lovely it is when you fall in love with your best friend.

Memorable Moments in Gifs



Honorable Mentions:

Killian Jones and Henry Mills (Once Upon a Time)

I could not adore the relationship between Killian and Henry more. This year we saw glimpses of what the step dad and son dynamic would be like for them and it as absolutely delightful. Their adventures together in the Alternate reality warmed my heart as Henry told him he has a great sailing teacher in him and it was so sweet seeing the playful teasing Killian gave the lad when Henry was experiencing his first crush. But the sweetest and most tear inducing moment happened off screen. They two developed a mission together- Operation Light Swan- a project which included finding a house in Storybrooke for Emma and Killian to live in together. It was a promise for the future- a future of love and family that would of course include Henry. This was truly touching as we see just how much Henry has grown to care for her mother’s beau. He looked devastated when Killian sacrificed himself, so it is only natural that he too joins his family in the quest to rescue him. I look forward to 2016 bringing many more Captain Cobra moments as Henrys as already developed a new mission to find and save Killian! Two missions planned and two that will surely succeed because Henry’s operations never fail.

captain cobra.gif

captain cobra 1



op light swan.gif

captain cobra 2.gif

Regina Mills and Robin Hood (Once Upon a Time)

The outlaw and the queen have had to deal with some rough and unusual circumstances this year when she found him in New York City and he realized his wife was actually Regina’s wicked sister Zelena in disguise, now pregnant with his child. Less than ideal circumstances to say the least it did not deter them from wanting to be together nor alter their feelings for each other. In fact they only grew stronger as they dealt with these hard times with maturity and understanding. It was lovely to see light moments together as they shared dances and kisses in Camelot contrasted with a very profound moments when Robin’s life was on the line and Regina offered her own in his place. These soul mates clearly would do anything for each other , solidifying them as another beautiful couple on the show about true love and happy endings.

outlaw queen9

outlaw queen7


outlaw queen8.gif

Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson (Parks and Recreation)

Besides Leslie and Ben without a doubt my favorite relationship on Parks has always been between Leslie and Ron. They could not be more different in political views and personality, but they proved that people who are complete and total opposites can actually be good and true fiends. In this show’s final season it began with a great rift between them. They refused to speak to each other. It wasn’t until their friends locked them in the Parks Department that they were able to work through their differences. It was not only the best episode of the season, but was the epitome of what made their dynamic so wonderful. Of course Leslie was all gun ho from the start and Ron tried his best to resist but in the end we learned why he was so angry. Their lives had changed and people were taken away and it hurt him greatly. It took a great deal to admit it and be vulnerable but that was beauty in it. They show us that not only those with differing opinions can respect each other but also be lifelong friends. It is a fine lesson that is deeply felt.

leslie ron 1

leslie ron.gif

And so concludes the first list in the “Best of 2015” Stay tuned for more of the Best of the Best very soon…

Once Upon a Time: “Broken Heart” Further Thoughts


The stakes have never been higher, the drama never so intense, and the pain is as stinging as we have ever seen on Once Upon a Time. When I hoped for a epic season that focused on Emma, especially her romantic relationship, I never dreamed it would turn out this spectacularly. This season has surpassed my wildest dreams, and even though “Broken Heart” was a devastating episode, I still feel nothing bit hope amidst the darkness. I touched on many things in my review for The Nerd Machine so this addition of Further Thoughts will be focused on some little moments, parallels, some speculation, and a reminder of what makes this show and these characters so special

Moments of Truth:

I spoke a great deal about this in my review, but it bears reiterating how powerful Emma and Killian’s moments in Camelot were in this episode. They discussed things we have wanted them to talk about for so long, and laid out emotional truths about their characters and their relationship. When Killian says there has never been a moment where he did not believe in her, or trust her, you see so clearly on her face, she knows the depth of this truth. Emma has always had trouble expressing herself in words, but her expression says it all. She knows how much he believes in her. It is why he is so deeply hurt that she is was not showing him the same belief and trust.

emma sad.gif


This is why the following scene is even more poignant. She does believe in him and does trust him. That is why she gives him the sword. But it was the pain they have both experienced that really affected me, including some between the two of them. Killian loves Emma more than anything so it is why he has always been so patient with her. He would wait until the ends of time for her. But being willingly patient does not mean it will not hurt. The way Emma pushed him away in Season 3 must have pained him a great deal, and the trauma he went through in season 4 when Rumplestilskin controlled and nearly killed both himself and Emma also left a scar. We assumed they had discussed some of these things off screen, but perhaps not. So seeing these two discuss how much they have gone through with such honesty was a breath of fresh air. He understands why she puts up walls, and she knows he understands that implicitly. He has walls just as high as hers. But he is right. That does not make it fair. Despite the darkness, anger and frustration Emma and Killian needed this. Being honest about how you feel helps the soul heal and can only make your relationship stronger. Hearing them both recognize that Killian has never abandoned her is so imperative. Emma has never had someone who has never failed her, and even though things seem bleak at the moment, I do not expect that to ever change. And Emma will not abandon him either!





(X) (X)

Moments of Vulnerability:

When Emma was able to quiet the darkness within Killian the same way he had been able to do so, I was moved to tears, most especially because she was able to do rather quickly. All it took was her looking into his eyes and reminding him that they can have that future together in Storybrooke in that white picket fence house. He just has to want it as she does. When he says he does “More than anything” you can hear how deeply he means these words. His heart is exposed, the anger vanishes, and darkness disappears. These are the kind of moments that make the show so stunning.




The moment Killian cradles Killian face, kisses him, and then rests her head against his cheek will stay with me forever. It s such an exquisitely vulnerable moment and one that exemplifies how deeply she loves him and knows that he loves her. She often expresses her affections through touch rather than words, but here is a beautiful instant where her love is expressed through both. Have we ever seen Emma this vulnerable before? She is in tremendous pain but is not holding back sobs. Instead she is holding the man she loves, with hope and a promise that when he awakens he will be the man he truly is. It may take time, but their future can be saved. Sealed with a kiss, Emma is making a vow to save him and it is profoundly moving.







(X) (X)

As the curse envelops them and Emma cradles Killian, we were reminded of the moment from the Pilot when Snow held onto Charming as the curse surrounds them. This may be one of the loveliest Captain Swan/Snowing parallels ever. Emma was not always a hopeful person. She lived a life of disappointment and betrayals. So to see her in the same position as her mother, the person who is the epitome of hope, is very touching. The circumstances may be different, but they are both fearful but full of hope. Snow knew their memories would be gone, but still believed happiness could be restored because she believed in her daughter. Emma knows that that both she and Killian will have the darkness inside of them, and that it will not be an easy road to gain anyone’s trust or understanding. But in both cases Emma is meant to be the hero. Only this time she has the choice. It is not a destiny assigned to her, but one she takes on because she believes in the power of their love. She can be his savior. If that is not poetically beautiful, I don’t know what is.




The Cutest Dark Ones Ever!

In one of the episode’s happiest moments, Emma and Killian kiss and smile before separating. Of course things go badly after this, but in this brief scene Emma and Killian are just about the cutest Dark Ones to ever exist. They may both be dressed head to toe in black leather, but they are also, to speak in internet terms, precious cinnamon rolls. And who did not love Killian’s little moan as they kissed? This was, in my mind, a little sneak preview to the long awaited CS coffee time.

cs kiss

cs kiss1


The Field of Middle Mist Flowers:

This glorious field of pink blossoms will forever hold a special place in Emma and Killian’s story. With each poignant scene encompassing the power of true love, there were two things in particular that struck me. One, each time there appears to me more flowers than there were the previous time. Is this meant to have a deeper meaning than simply being aesthetically beautiful? Perhaps it a visual clue that their feelings are continuing to blossom into a field of endless love. The other interesting aspect of these three different scenes is that they each occur at different, successive time of day. The first one was early morning with the sun rising behind them, demonstrating that a new dawn is upon them filled with hope. The second appears to be in late afternoon just before dusk signifying that darkness is approaching, which is ever significant because Emma saves Killian by turning him into a Dark One. The last scene, takes place in the deepest of night. The sky is black, and they are both inflicted with darkness, but the endless seas of flowers surrounding them still emanates their bright pink beauty symbolizing that despite the darkness, hope remains.

cs kiss



(x) (X) (X)

“I Love You–I Love You, Too”:

It does not matter what Dark Hook says about playing her, this first time Emma and Killian exchange” I love you, I love you too,” was genuine. There can never be a time where Killian telling Emma he loves her is not imbedded with honest and sincerity. For that reason, and the way he pulls her towards him for a passionate kiss, I have nothing but deep affection for this scene. And as my friend Mimi (@ShimmeringCrown) pointed out, it appears as if he lifts her up as they are kissing because she is suddenly almost as tall as him. More kisses like this in the future would be most welcome.





(X) (X)

What love stories are made of:

As I said in my review, “One of the things that is so special about their dynamic is that they demonstrate so much raw emotion and intensity, showcasing deep and real complexities.” (X) All couples fight. All go through struggles. That is what real relationships are like. But I was a little surprised how some were so taken aback by their interactions when this is what so many love stories are made of. Were their scenes harsh and difficult to watch? Yes of course. Be we know not only deep down they love each other more than anything, but that they both have the greatest evil inside of them. Honesty, fights, moments of hope lost, threats and cruel words are seen in some of the greatest love stories of all time.

Although the ending of Casablanca does not have the happy one Emma and Killian will surely have (it is too different of circumstances) we know that Rick and Ilsa’s love is true. But they have very dark moments. He is angry and heartbroken and does not want to forgive her. She even pulls a gun on him! But no one can deny they still love each other.




In Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth and Darcy say very hurtful things to each other. He insults her family, considers her station in life beneath him, she calls him hateful and arrogant and the kind of man she could never marry. But they overcome these prejudices against each other and clearly forgive each other through falling in love, seeing who they truly are. Are you sensing a pattern here? Words said in anger and misunderstanding can be forgiven.








Lastly, Allie and Noah in The Notebook fight each other constantly. There have so much fire that it either comes out in intense passion or intense anger. She pushes and hits him, he wants to wait and see and anticipates breaking up, and in one of the film’s most real moments he lays out a real truth about them and the complexities of love. She will tell him when he is being a “son of a bitch” and he will tell her when “she is being a pain in the ass, which is 99% of the time!” But he wants to be with her, forever. That is what love is all about. You struggle and fight but when you love each other you work for it despite it being difficult.


notebook 3



Allie and Noah’s love is deep and true just like Emma and Killian’s. And after all this of the Hell they will have to endure, I want Emma and Killian to die in each other’s arms, just like Allie and Noah did, having lived a long and beautiful life together. But without the memory loss because I think Once has had their fill of this.



Endless Wedding Foreshadowing:

As my fellow, wonderful Oncer @G8rMom7 pointed out to me, Merida’s line of taking an arrow to the knee is an allusion to getting married. Upon further research apparently it refers to when we propose falling to one knee. Furthermore, in the beginning of the Middlemist scene with Emma walking alone, there is definitely a wedding look about it. Not only is she walking down an aisle, (and why is there suddenly one there?), but she is walking in a slow deliberate pace like that of a bride. If there is not a wedding at the end of Season 5, I will be very much shocked!


Hands Entwined:

Dark Ones or not they still continue to place an emphasis on their hands entwined and that is a beautiful thing to me. Killian may have already embraced the darkness when they walk back towards Granny’s but he still holds hands with her. And in the moment he really needed it she holds out her hand to him. It is a sign of trust and fidelity as it always has been. Something tells me the finale may reiterate this unbreakable bond.




(X) (X) 

Killian vs. Rumplestiltskin:

I realized a very intriguing, and perhaps very telling difference between Killian and Rumple as Dark Ones on their two paralleling scenes on the Jolly Roger. As the Dark One, Rumple maims Killian, cutting off his hand. On the other hand, as the Dark One, Killian heals Rumple, restoring his leg back to normal so he no longer has a limp. It’s interesting how both of these afflictions were caused by Rumple as well, but Killian chooses to heal rather than hurt in this instance.

Team Plan vs. Team Flip:

I have been entertained and intrigued by the debate amongst Oncers on Twitter and tumblr these past few days. The debate is simple: is Killian playing the darkness and simply engaging in a plan to fool everyone and in turn save Emma, or has he truly succumb to the darkness and his behavior is all as it seems, leaving the opportunity for him to overcome the darkness in the end? Honestly, I am 50/50 on this debate and can it see it playing it out either way. Both have the potential to be moving and epic and both can make sense narratively. Although I will admit I do think him having a plan is a bit more believable to his character, it truly can go either way at this point. Both scenarios however will leave me equally moved as they are both heart wrenching. If Killian has a plan, he is playing the darkness and everyone superbly. His words are pushing Emma to no longer work on her own but seek out help from her family, and convince her that he is so far gone, she has no choice but destroy him. If you think of this scenario it is absolutely heartbreaking but sounds like something Killian Jones would do for Emma Swan. He knows that if she thinks he can be saved she will never let him go. She proved that by tethering him to Excalibur. But if she believes the true Killian is indeed gone, she will be able to kill him and destroy the darkness once and for all. Then he can die happy knowing she will have a future free from the darkness. That is all that he wanted for her. If Killian is indeed doing this, think about how difficult it must be. He has to do unspeakable dark things and hurt the woman he loves. But if anyone is willing to do what it takes to ensure her happiness it would be Killian. On the opposite end, if he is not playing everyone and truly is exactly as dark as he seems, this can also playing out in a heart wrenching and poignant way. We know how possible it is to have him succumb to the darkness. He has done so before and believes he is not strong enough to fight it. But Killian is stronger than he thinks. And if indeed he is dark and no longer his truest self, there will no doubt come a moment where he will snap out of it to save Emma. This would be very powerful and showcase how strong and heroic he can be, to be able to break free from the control of the greatest evil of all time, solidifying Killian Jones as a true hero. Either way, I will surely be an emotional mess and be crying buckets of tears.

Killian’s heroics & good deeds:

Speaking of Killian displaying true heroics, I was a little disheartened that David questioned Emma’s faith in Killian especially when he has seen so much of what he has done. No one is denying his bad deeds from his past, but since starting on that path of good he has done a great deal to save or help Emma, Henry and or members of the Charming family and others important to them and I wanted to list them all:

– Risked his life by taunting the giant atop the beanstalk so Emma she throw the sleeping powder on to him.

– He may have taken it in the first place, but he saved Aurora’s heart from falling into the portal, losing his advantage in the sword fight with Emma.

– Although he stole the bean that allowed Greg and Tamara to kidnap Henry, he came back, and on his own. Although he had Emma’s words in his head, he still made that choice to turn his ship around without anyone showing any kind of belief in him.

– Once he found out what happened to Henry he immediately offered his ship and his services to help rescue him.

– He gave Emma Neal’s cutlass as a sign of kindness and to give her the weapon she would need in Neverland.

– Guided and fought alongside the Nevengers through Neverland and offered knowledge they did not have, including Tinkerbell. Don’t forget, without her Pan’s shadow would not have been destroyed in Storybrooke.

– Led them all to Neal’s cave where they found the coconut shell that would eventually be used to trap Pan’s shadow.

– Saved David’s life by leading him to the cure for dreamshade, told him exactly the price, and respected David’s wishes and did not say anything about it.

– Told Snow and David immediately that Pan paid him a visit and that Neal was still alive.

– Revealed a difficult, heartfelt secret he may not have otherwise, but did so to help save Neal, all while believing Emma still loved and may have wanted to be with him.

– Upon receiving a message, he traded his ship for a magic bean in order to find Emma in New York.

– Did not give up on helping her even after she threw him in jail.

– Continued to work alongside the heroes in Stoybrooke to fight the Wicked Witch.

– Took Henry to safety away from Zelena and told him about his father to ease his sorrow.

– Followed Emma through Zelena’s time portal so she would not be alone.

– Helped correct the mistake and make sure Snow and Charming would fall in love as they were meant to.

– Helped David as they tried to rescue Emma from the ice cave, Taking Bo Peep’s staff, which gave Elsa hope that Anna was still alive.

– Helped Elsa with her desire to find out more about the Snow Queen.

– Did everything in his power to stop Rumplestiltskin from killing Emma, confessing his mistakes on her voicemail no matter the consequences, and vowing that he would die fighting to save her.

– Asks Rumple for one dying wish: to leave Emma and the rest of Storybrooke be and not harm them.

– Showed Belle compassion and understanding when they thought Rumple was gone forever.

– Helped restore Ursula’s happy ending, gaining knowledge of Rumple’s true intentions towards Emma.

– Helped Emma forgive her parents for lying to her.

– In the AU, helped Henry rescue Emma from the tower, fighting a dragon even though he was terrified.

– In the AU, sacrificed himself so Emma and Henry could escape.

– Told Snow not to control Emma with the dagger, and helped stop Emma from crushing Merida’s heart.

– Helped Emma quiet the darkness inside her.

– Gave Emma his brother Liam’s ring, which he believed could be the reason he is alive, to keep her safe.

– Saved Snow and everyone else’s life by taking down Arthur and getting Excalibur back, mortally wounding himself in the process.

I think Killian has proven to be a hero and a good man, many, many times. He may be facing his biggest struggle yet, but I have faith in him. The finale is only one day away and I eagerly anticipate seeing love finally destroy the darkness!

Captain Swan preview of my Nerd Machine review of “Broken Heart”

Since it is late in the week and my latest Once Upon a Time review will not be up until tomorrow, and I think many could use some hope, I thought I would give you a sneak preview of my review of “Broken Heart.” Fans of Captain Swan and Killian Jones especially seem to be need some words of encouragement and hope, so if I can help in any way I will try. Here is a preview of some of my discussion on Emma and Killian:

“One of the things that is so special about their dynamic is that they demonstrate so much raw emotion and intensity, showcasing deep and real complexities. And as deeply, truly, and passionately as they love each other, what we witnessed was discussion of imperative things that were a long time coming. And these powerful scenes were brought to life with beautiful authenticity thanks to the dynamic and visceral chemistry of Morrison and O’Donoghue. Hearing Emma on the verge of tears and in so much pain, reminding him that when she gets scared she puts up walls, that she knows he understands that perfectly, that she wants to protect him, and that she does trust him was powerfully matched by Killian expressing that he has never abandoned her and went through Hell when he was controlled by Rumple, forced to watch Emma nearly die, and nearly being killed himself, completely powerless to stop it. So much of what they have gone through both individually and together is finally laid out between them with harshness but also honesty and still a sense of hope that no matter what they love each other.”

” And when they are once again in the field of Middlemist flowers and they exchange their first “I love you. I love you too,” and share a passionate kiss, we see that beautiful truth with exquisite brevity. No matter what Dark Hook says, there is no life where the real Killian Jones doesn’t love Emma Swan, and wouldn’t do anything for her. The vast range of emotions and the ways in which Emma is now demonstrating how she will not abandon him when he needs him the most are quite telling of the depth of this love story. We must remember that true love is never easy and must always be fought for. Whether Killian is simply trying to push Emma away to hurt her or to save her, what matters is that all relationships have moments of darkness and struggles. How often do we say things that are truly hurtful to the ones we love most? They can cut the deepest because they know us better than anyone. But real love is not simply smiles and handholding, kisses and constant bliss. As Will Scarlett said, “Love is messy. It means arguing and making up and laughing and crying and struggling. And sometimes it doesn’t seem worth it. But it is. And at the end, when you’re in love, no matter what happens, you forgive each other.”

Look for more discussion Captain Swan, Dark, Hook, Rumbelle, Snow and more in my full review for The Nerd Machine tomorrow!!