Captain Swan preview of my Nerd Machine review of “Broken Heart”

Since it is late in the week and my latest Once Upon a Time review will not be up until tomorrow, and I think many could use some hope, I thought I would give you a sneak preview of my review of “Broken Heart.” Fans of Captain Swan and Killian Jones especially seem to be need some words of encouragement and hope, so if I can help in any way I will try. Here is a preview of some of my discussion on Emma and Killian:

“One of the things that is so special about their dynamic is that they demonstrate so much raw emotion and intensity, showcasing deep and real complexities. And as deeply, truly, and passionately as they love each other, what we witnessed was discussion of imperative things that were a long time coming. And these powerful scenes were brought to life with beautiful authenticity thanks to the dynamic and visceral chemistry of Morrison and O’Donoghue. Hearing Emma on the verge of tears and in so much pain, reminding him that when she gets scared she puts up walls, that she knows he understands that perfectly, that she wants to protect him, and that she does trust him was powerfully matched by Killian expressing that he has never abandoned her and went through Hell when he was controlled by Rumple, forced to watch Emma nearly die, and nearly being killed himself, completely powerless to stop it. So much of what they have gone through both individually and together is finally laid out between them with harshness but also honesty and still a sense of hope that no matter what they love each other.”

” And when they are once again in the field of Middlemist flowers and they exchange their first “I love you. I love you too,” and share a passionate kiss, we see that beautiful truth with exquisite brevity. No matter what Dark Hook says, there is no life where the real Killian Jones doesn’t love Emma Swan, and wouldn’t do anything for her. The vast range of emotions and the ways in which Emma is now demonstrating how she will not abandon him when he needs him the most are quite telling of the depth of this love story. We must remember that true love is never easy and must always be fought for. Whether Killian is simply trying to push Emma away to hurt her or to save her, what matters is that all relationships have moments of darkness and struggles. How often do we say things that are truly hurtful to the ones we love most? They can cut the deepest because they know us better than anyone. But real love is not simply smiles and handholding, kisses and constant bliss. As Will Scarlett said, “Love is messy. It means arguing and making up and laughing and crying and struggling. And sometimes it doesn’t seem worth it. But it is. And at the end, when you’re in love, no matter what happens, you forgive each other.”

Look for more discussion Captain Swan, Dark, Hook, Rumbelle, Snow and more in my full review for The Nerd Machine tomorrow!!


One thought on “Captain Swan preview of my Nerd Machine review of “Broken Heart”

  1. Thank you Marianne! I am very excited to see the winter finale now because I am hopeful. Of course, part of me wishes I could time travel to May 2016, and I could just binge watch the whole season. I would definitely help with my nerves…which are shot. 🙂


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