What we love about “Agent Carter”

As is often the case, sometimes life gets in the way and plans fall by the waste side. This was the case with me recently. I had planned on writing about Agent Carter since season 2 premiered but alas I was not able to do yet. But I thought this was the perfect opportunity to do my first entry for the “Sisterly Support Network” and highlight my fellow writers that have been reviewing and analyzing Agent Cater each week, and beautifully so.

My fellow Nerdy Girl Katie at NerdyGirlNotes has been doing unique and wonderful posts for each episode about the “Life Lesson for The Week” and they are absolutely fantastic. I love Katie’s writing and this is a wonderful way of discussing the show as we see so many great lessons come out of the episodes. Go check out all of her Agent Carter articles right here!!

My friends at MGCirclesMedia, whom I have discussed before with their exquisite Once Upon a Time posts, bring their equally in depth and eloquent review writing gloriousness to their posts each week for Agent Carter. They share my love for Peggy and Daniel and much like their Once reviews (and like Katie) explore all the beautiful lessons of the show so beautifully. They also wrote this amazing piece that I agree with whole heatedly:  10 Reasons You Should Be Watching Agent Carter Read the rest of the reviews right here!

I also highly recommend reading the reviews my fellow Nerd Machine Writer Katie and Maii for Word of the Nerd. Both bring a unique perspective and voice and are great fun to read. This show deserves all the praise in the world and as many wonderful voices as possible discussing it. Check out Maii’s reviews here and here. Katie’s for The Nerd Machine can be found right here!

Lastly, even though I was not able to do anything in depth review wise for Agent Carter this season, I wanted to share a few things that I have loved about Season 2 of this stellar show.

Continued teamwork, friendship and romance:


What I loved about Season 2 so far is how much teamwork has played a part in the story. Season 1 saw Peggy and Jarvis develop such a great bond and friendship and I’ve loved seeing that continue. But unlike season 1 where Peggy was working undercover, this time around she has more people on her side and I loved seeing her working with Daniel as well with the two clearly having feelings for each other. Romantic triangles aside, these two clearly should be together. Look at these wonderful moments.




peggy kiss

(x) (x) (x) (x)

As far as Peggy and Jarvis, they continue to be my favorite relationship on the show, with the beautiful depiction of how strong and meaningful a platonic friendship can be. Like Peggy and Daniel, they make quite the team, but relate to each other in a completely different but equally engaging way. Frankly any time they are screen is golden, and we can see how much they have grown to care for each other.

howard jarvis


peggy jarvis

(x) (x) (x)

One thing I particularly loved in the two episodes “Life of the Party” and “Monsters” was the two moments we saw Peggy reach out and hold hands with Daniel and Jarvis. Both relationships are based on deep and sincere affection, as well as mutual respect, and both times the gesture is a sign of comfort. And yet the resulting meaning could not be more different. I loved that both scenes emphasized their hands joined. This is such a wonderful example of showcasing that each kind of relationship is special and true. Some are romantic and some are based in friendship, but each is important. And both types of relationships can and should includes gestures of affection like this. Bravo Agent Carter!! You moved with these two heartwarming moments!!


peg jarvis hand.gif

peg jarvis hand1.gif

(x) (x)

The other romances on the show have been superb, most especially the beautiful and refreshing one between Jarvis and his wife Ana. They seem so different but obviously adore each other.

ana jarvis


Wonderful New and Further Explored Characters:

Speaking of Ana Jarvis, I could not love her more. You just knew she had to be someone special. But I never expected her to be such a fabulous outgoing angel!!! She is such a bloody fantastic addition to the show!!




Rose is not a new character, but I love that she has been more involved in the story and missions. She is as tough and capable as anyone and I love it!!



Jason Wilkes is so likable as well. Even though I am rooting for Peggy and Daniel romantically, one cannot help but love this intelligent and handsome charmer. You can see why Peggy would like him. Much like Steve, he is very innocent and idealistic and wants to be a part of something special. And just like Jarvis said- his smile is incandescent!!



It has also been a delight to see Howard Stark again. He is such a cad, but a lovable rogue as well. I am ignorant of the comics and back story but answer me this- he is supposed to be modeled after Howard Hughes, correct? Between his name, appearance, wardrobe, demeanor, excessive wealth, and innovative mind it seems pretty clear that his character is an homage to the iconic man. It’s really fantastic!!




(x) (x)

So Much Humor

One thing about Season 2 that has been great has been the added humor. Season 1 definitely had its laughs but this year so far has featured a lot lightness, fun and many moments that had me literally laughing out loud.








(x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) 

This is what I call THE MONEY SHOT!



And this moment right here: these five walking out on a mission with confidence and panache to the tune of Bing Crosby and the Andrew Sisters singing “Pistol Packin’ Mama” was one the best things I HAVE EVER SEEN. PERIOD!! TELEVISION GOLD!!! Not to mention #SQUADGOALS



Beautiful and Bright New Setting and the Gorgeous Wardrobe:




Welcome to Los Angeles, Miss Carter!! While I loved the color palette, wardrobe and design in Season 1 that reflect that post war New York feel with a bit of comic flair, I have to say I am also loving the contrast to what we’ve seen in Season 2. It’s a mixture of film noir, old Hollywood glamour and comic style adventure. It’s reminds a lot of one of my favorite films The Rocketeer, which also coincidentally is reminiscent of Captain America: The First Avenger (the same director as well). Sunny LA is reflected in everything. I love seeing everything from the iconic locations like the Griffith Observatory, to the stylish touring cars, and the glorious sets such as Howard Stark’s mansion which is so reminiscent of the Spanish stable estates of such stars as Rudolph Valentino. It’s wonderful to see Daniel and Jarvis is lighter suits and more relaxed ensembles. And being the Girly Nerd I am I must mention the stunning outfits Peggy has donned this season. I love seeing her in so many colorful and soft dresses. These have been my favorites!!



And can someone tell me where I can find some Red sunglasses like this because they’re adorable!!



Timeless Lessons

Just like season 1, Season 2 of Agent Carter continues to deliver timeless lessons and tackles important issues, particularly for women. Peggy Carter is such an inspiring character because she is strong, resourceful, and intelligent. Her instincts and morals are what guides her as well as an unwillingness to let others dictate what she does or belittle her, especially when she knows she is right. And as we learned, these were not always her strengths. Her brother who sadly was killed in the war, was one of the people who helped guide her towards her path, and she overcame her fears to become the woman she is. Through Peggy we learn that no matter what our path in life is, it should be of our choosing. Peggy may be a woman from the 40’s but this is something that remains relevant and profound in our lives today.




(x) (x)



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