Once Upon a Time 100th Episode Celebration and Givaway

once turns 100

Greetings Oncers,
How was the hiatus treating you? It may seem like our favorite show is never going to return but truly there are only five more Sundays until our beloved series returns. And when 5B premieres on March 6th, it will be that 100th episode of the series. To celebrate this wonderful event of #OnceTurns100 I will be discussing the best episodes of the series. I will highlight the 10 best from each season as well as underrated episodes, culminating with the 10 best overall episodes which I will write for The Nerd Machine.

As a fun additive, I am asking for readers to send in their 10 favorite episodes of the series overall and rank them from 1 to 10. if you send in your top 10 you will be entered into a giveaway to win an 8 x 10 photographic print of your choice from my Redbubble store! I will also be posting a special “Fan Favorites” article with everyone’s picks when I announce the 2 winners on March 1. So send in your top 10 best episodes to thegirlynerdanswers@gmail.com Deadline is February 15.

I hope you all will enjoy this trip down fairytale memory lane.



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