Once Upon a Time Favorite Character Moments: Killian Jones/Captain Hook


Signature Line: “A man unwilling to fight for what he wants, deserves what he gets.”

Killian Jones, also known by his more colorful moniker Captain Hook, is an old fashioned, swashbuckling, sexy, charming, handsome, flirtatious, and adventurous pirate. He may deem himself a dashing rapscallion, but in truth he is also exceptionally sincere, loving, gentle and tender. Strong in his motivations and convictions, Killian spent most of lifetime seeking revenge on The Dark One, but found hope again and learned to move past vengeance and tread the path of good, embarking on the hero’s journey he and his older brother dreamed of when he was a young Lieutenant. Meeting Emma Swan changed his life in a remarkable way and he found that love was not only possible again, but that it could be the most beautiful and extraordinary love imaginable and inspire you to be a better person. And when Killian loves, he loves with his whole heart. He fights for what he wants and believes in, and wants to be a honorable man. Killian Jones may always be a pirate, but that does not mean he is not also hero.

Favorite Moments:

  1. “Killian tells Emma he traded his ship for her.” (Season 3, Episode 22 “There’s No Place Like Home”)


After returning from their time traveling adventure in the past, Emma rushes to find her parents, overjoyed that she is back to the home she has found in Storybrooke. All seems right with the world until she notices that someone very important isn’t with her. When she finds Killian outside Granny’s diner, she expresses her happiness and sincere gratitude for him finding her in New York City, much of which he tries to brush off with a small smile and simple “It was the right thing to do.” For so long we wondered and suspected how Killian was able to find Emma, but he had remained quiet about his efforts. And indeed even in this moment, he still acts rather casual about it telling her traded the Jolly Roger for a magic bean as if it was not a tremendous sacrifice. And in the exquisite moment when she asks “You traded your ship for me” and he replies simply “Aye” her look of amazement is beautiful matched only by his. With absolute sincerity he looks directly into her eyes so she will understand depth of this single word.  And Emma understands the full breadth of everything he has done. He gave up his home to bring her back to hers. There is so much poignancy and beauty in this moment and for Killian what is remarkable is that the causal way he begins is because for him, his sacrifice may have been significant but not as significant as Emma is to him. Her happiness means more to him than a few planks of wood and a sail, and there is no greater sign of True Love. Losing his home did not matter so long as she found hers. And when she kisses him passionately, the Storybrooke sign symbolically illuminated in the background, we see that these two souls who were so lonely and lost have found a home in this little town, but more importantly with each other. On a show filled with magic, this moment of truth and love is one of the most magical we’ve ever seen.

  1. “Killian tells Emma she is his happy ending.” (Season 4, Episode 15 “Poor Unfortunate Soul”)


If there was any other scene that matched the beauty of Killian telling Emma he traded his ship for her, it would be this moment equal in its purity, loveliness and meaning. So many of Killian’s best moments demonstrate his tremendous capacity to love, and the depth to which he has fallen in love with Emma Swan is unparalleled. He has found a happiness he never dreamed he would find and is so terrified to lose it, especially because he feels his villainous past will surely mean he will lose his happy ending. Emma wonders what his happy ending could be and his expression is absolutely heart wrenching. Barely over a whisper, with tears in his eyes he says “Don’t you know Emma? It’s you.” Brilliantly performed by Colin O’Donoghue the little breath he exhales after he reveals this truth showcases the brevity of this heartfelt confession. It is one thing to tell someone you love them, it is quite another to reveal they are your happy ending. And what it is truly beautiful is that he has already found it. There had been no promises of a future, no confirmation of love, with everything felt rather than said. But that did not matter to him. Simply being with Emma in any way she wanted was enough to make him happy forever. And in this exquisitely perfect moment Killian is telling Emma she is his everything and I cannot imagine a more beautiful declaration.

  1. “Killian swears on the name of his true love, seeking forgiveness, only to have his lips cursed.” (Season 3, Episode 17 “The Jolly Roger”)


This moment for Killian was intense and dramatic for so many reasons. He was so wracked with guilt for choosing to save his ship instead of Prince Eric, he begs Ariel to forgive him, saying he is empty and thought his ship would fill the void left by his broken heart.  But he knew how wrong he was and would doing anything to make things right. In order to prove his sincerity Ariel asks him to swear on the name of his true love, and so came the line that still makes me feels as intensely as the captain surely did in this moment. It was so significant to hear Killian admit his love for Emma for the first time with the line “I Swear On Emma Swan,” and the instant we see that Ariel was in fact Zelena I gasped. His lips are able to be cursed so that the next time his touch Emma’s all of her magic will be taken. When he bravely stands up and refuses to let her plan to hurt Emma come true,  she threatens her parents and Henry to which he says “Do not go near them!” a moment  as significant as his admittance of love for Emma because we see that he not only deeply cares for her and is protective of Emma, but her family as well. The fierceness in his voice is fantastic and that revelation, beautiful!

  1. “Killian leaves a tearful confession on Emma’s voicemail.” (Season 4, Episode 8 “Smash the Mirror”)


When Killian sought out Gold to have his hand rightfully returned, he did not dream it would turn into secrets and blackmail. But he let himself get tricked and wrapped up with his foe, and was too ashamed to reveal any of these mistakes to Emma. When he realizes that Emma has sought out Gold to get rid of her magic forever, he knows Gold plans to trick her as well and trap in her inside the Sorcerer’s hat. Fraught with panic and anger he leaves a tearful confession on Emma’s voicemail relaying the truth and shame about not being completely honest with her because now he may lose her. It was heartbreaking to hear him say he failed at trying to be a better man for her, but even more poignant is that moment he says he hopes she never forgives him because that would mean she will have gotten this message in time to save herself. A sure sign of true love is a desire to protect and wish nothing but happiness for the one you love. It would devastate him to lose her romantically, but for him it would be even more devastating if she lost herself and her life forever.

  1. “With no memories of his real self, Killian sacrifices himself so Emma and Henry can escape.” (Season 4, Episode 22 “Operation Mongoose Part 2”)


In the alternate reality our fairy tale characters were written into, Killian was not Captain Hook, but a shy, meek and cowardly deckhand who was to afraid to stand up to Captain Blackbeard. But when he meets Henry who convinces him to help rescue his mother Emma, his true nature was allowed to shine through. After rescuing Emma from a tower, the two defeat a dragon, and she gives him a little lesson in sword fighting. The closeness and instant connection is deeply felt and he smiles sweetly when she reveals that in their true reality they are indeed very close. All was well until the evil counterparts of Snow and Charming arrive threatening to kill Henry and Emma. Despite being written as a coward, his heroism came though as he tells Emma to save her boy while he holds them off. And the moment we think he just may succeed he is stabbed by Charming in the back, reaching out for Emma as she watches the man she loves die before her eyes. He sacrifices himself for two people he barely knew proving not only the connection they are meant to always have no matter the time or place, but also a beautiful truth about his character: he is a hero.

  1. “Killian finds Emma in New York City and tries True Love’s Kiss to restore her memories.” (Season 3, Episode 11 “Going Home”)


There are so many things I loved about this moment. One was that when it first aired I vividly remember jumping out of my seat with joy and excitement when Emma opened the door to Killian after such a heartbreaking scene where Emma said goodbye to her loved ones where I admittedly was balling. Another was the look of complete and utter joy on his face as if he had seen the ocean for the first time. You can see how much he missed her in his radiant smile and the way he says her name “Swan.” But the best part of this moment was when he tries True Love’s Kiss hoping to restore her memories. For a brief instant she loses herself and closes her eyes before she pushes him away and shuts the door on this man claiming she needs to remember her family who is in trouble. I just loved how much hope Killian shows that his feelings may be reciprocated, obviously not knowing that it could not possibly work when she has no memories of him. It solidified beautifully how Emma gave him hope when he had lived for so long without any, and that these two were on a very special journey together.

  1. “Killian vows to Emma he will win her heart without any trickery.” (Season 3, Episode 7 “Dark Hollow”)


So many moments with this dashing pirate captain give me butterflies and none more so than the moment he vows to win Emma’s heart and it is a lovely scene that showcases some of Killian’s best qualities. He is romantic, believes in being honorable, confident but also insecure, passionate, and patient. Hoping the kiss they shared meant something to her, she says what did mean something was revealing that Neal was still alive, somewhat surprised he did because he is a pirate. While he gives a sad smile in agreement, he then steps forward and looks directly into her eyes, wanting Emma to understand his intent and earnestness. He says with confidence that he believes in “good form” and that he will win her heart, but it will not be because of any trickery, but because she truly wants him. He may seem confident but what is touching is that he is also being completely vulnerable with her, laying his heart on the line while promising to win hers. It is a poignant moment showing that no matter what he wants, what matters is what she wants. It is an incredibly romantic moment built on a promise of respect and adoration.

  1. “Killian saves David’s life.” (Season 3, Episode 5 “Good Form”)


Their friendship may have had a rocky start, but when Killian takes David to Dead Man’s Peak under the ruse of searching for a sextant, they went from foes to unlikely friends. Killian knew David well enough that he had to lie about his true reason for their journey. When David collapses Killian breaks through the forest of thorns surrounding the water that will save his life, with an amusing little annoyed “Bloody Hell” before he does so. But he still does it. When he revives the prince, he reveals the truth about their trek: that he knew him well enough to know he was stubborn (honorable) and would not do anything that could be deemed as selfish, but if he drinks the water he will be cured. Of course he reveals the harsh truth about his cure- once he drinks it he can never leave Neverland. David understands and when the water miraculously works he smiles with gratitude. Of course David asks why he would do something when he would get nothing in return. Killian simply smiles, winks, and says “I didn’t do it for you, mate.” Of course part of him probably did do it for him, but David understands that Killian’s real motivation was for Emma so she would not lose her father yet. It was start of a great understanding between these two characters and another step in Killian’s  journey back to toward heroism.

  1. “Killian, in disguise as Prince Charles, says he would go to the end of the world for his true love.” (Season 3, Episode 22 “There’s No Place Like Home”)


There are infinite reasons to adore the episodes where Emma and Killian travel back in time and must work to correct their mistakes of interrupting her parents first meeting. One scene is the incredibly touching one where Killian and Charming discuss true love. Set to marry someone as part of essentially a business transaction, Charming wonders if true love even exists. But Killian assures him that it does. He once felt the same but when he met the right person everything changed. He tells Charming he would go to the end of the world for his love, despite not knowing if she would do the same. There is something so incredibly special about the duality of this moment. Not only is it truly touching to hear the once lonely, hopeless and cynical pirate convince the man who is the epitome of faith and belief in love that this pure abstraction does exist, but also that Killian is essentially telling the father of the woman he loves how deeply he cares for her. He would do anything for her, and whether it was inadvertent or not he gains some sort of approval from her father. Heartwarming and lovely, there is nothing I do not adore about this scene.

  1. “Killian says he hopes it’s his job to protect her heart and helps Emma forgive her parents.” (Season 4, Episode 20 “Mother”)


In a sweet and gentle moment Killian takes Emma to the docks and proves to be calming and understanding presence in Emma’s life. Killian says he knows her heart is still uneasy and he feels like it’s his job, or at least he hopes it’s his job, to protect her heart. Emma assures him her heart is safe, but he reveals what he is truly speaking of is the rift between herself and her parents.  Killian explains that perhaps they did not tell her everything because they were ashamed and they wanted her to like them, and wisely how they tried to protect her because they wanted her to be happy and to make her proud. And even when she tries to deflect towards her admiration of his good heart, he doesn’t simply hold her out of appreciation for her admiration, easy and welcoming as that would be. He cares more about what will ease her suffering. In another truly wonderful example of how much he cares for both Emma and her family, this is a shining example of the how love can inspire us. Killian obviously perfectly understood how her parents felt, feeling similar shame and not always wanting to reveal his past wrong doings because wanted to be seen as worthy of her. But importantly, he knows this is not about him, or even the two of them together, enjoying a quiet moment for themselves they so rarely are granted. This moment was about helping guide Emma towards forgiveness and indeed this wisdom does lead her on this path and it was profoundly moving and lovely.

  1. “Killian travels with his brother Liam to Neverland by command of the Royal Navy.” (Season 3, Episode 5 “Good Form”)


Seeing the earnest, loyal and innocent man Killian was as a young Lieutenant serving in the royal navy with his older brother Liam was one of Once Upon a Time’s greatest back stories. From the pure delight at seeing them take to skies in the ship thanks to a sail made out of Pegasus wings, to the natural ease between the two brothers, this dynamic was wonderful to watch. It also makes his friendship with David even more special seeing the similarities between David and his brother. But most significantly, seeing how much he loved and admired his brother was sweet and touching and helped to bring depth and understanding to his character. He never lost his belief in good form, but seeing his brother die because of the lies told to them by who they thought was a fair king, makes his straying away from the light understandable. My heart broke for Killian when Liam dies in his arms. And his great desire for a hero’s journey makes his journey back towards the light even more moving.

  1. “Killian is frantic when Emma nearly freezes in an ice cave, and overcome with relief when she is safe.” (Season 4, Episode 2 “White Out”)


When Emma is trapped in a ice cave the desperation in his voice and on his face, and his attempts to break through the ice are moving and show both the depth of his love for her and absolute and incredible fear of losing her. These moments are matched by the relief on his face when she is freed, the ferocity with which he hugs and holds onto her, and the constancy of his presence when they bring her back home, never leaving her side as he puts his arms around her to keep her warm, holds her hand and never leaves his kneeling position as she cuddles into his shoulder. He would have stayed there forever with her, simply happy she is safe and in his arms.

  1. “Killian teaches Emma to waltz.” (Season 3, Episode 21 “Snow Drifts”)


As vulnerable and insecure as Killian can often be, there is a side to him who is very charming and confident. He surely longed for a moment where he could impress Emma and sweep her off her feet, and his moment came in one of the most romantic ways imaginable. They need to blend in at King Midas’s Ball so he leads her out onto the dance floor with a suave and debonair ease as he tells her there is only rule to a waltz- “Pick a partner who knows what he’s doing.” He proves to be an ideal partner for her, easing her nervousness, teaching her to dance, and being ever the gentleman, commenting on her natural ability. And in this moment there are no looming dangers- he is simply holding this amazing woman in his arms whose smiles are matched by his beaming expression. He does indeed sweep Emma off her feet and makes her first dance at a royal ball a special one. This is one of the happiest moments of the entire series.

  1. “Killian bandages Emma’s injured hand.” (Season 2, Episode 6 “Tallahassee”)


In what is now a truly classic scene, Captain Hook bandages the hands of a very stubborn Emma who insists she is fine, and does so in a way that makes Emma’s (and the audience’s) breath catch. With only one hand he must get creative in aiding her, so he uses his mouth to tie the bandage around her hand. The intense chemistry and attraction between the two characters was born, and things would never be the same.

  1. “Killian reveals his deepest secret- that he never thought he could find someone to love again until he met Emma.” (Season 3, Episode 7 “Ariel”)


It was probably not the way Killian wanted to first tell Emma how he had truly grown to care for her, but knowing only revealing your deepest secret would help to rescue Neal in the echo cave, he takes a deep breath and reveals that kissing Emma exposed something quite profound. He never thought he would be able to let go of his first love Milah and find someone else, that is until he met Emma. The genuineness of his confession was revealed as the first part of the bridge towards Neal forms. There are so many amazing aspects to this scene. The fact that he is revealing his feelings in front of her parents is significant, but most important is the selfless part of his act because his secret was leading Emma back to a man she loved, and for all Killian knew still wanted to be with. He was afraid and uncertain but still was truthful and that is quite poignant.

  1. “Killian turns his ship around and offers to help rescue Henry.” (Season 2, Episode 22 “And Straight On ‘Til Morning”)

What I loved most about the moment that Killian decided to turn his ship back around and not abandon Storybrooke to its fate was that it was an internal struggle and a decision made entirely on his own. Many times our characters need someone to ask them to change and someone to believe they can be good people. Captain Hook at this point was very much isolated and still subscribing to his self serving ways. But moments before he leaves Emma offered him a chance to be a part of something and join the community. And although he obviously contemplates using the magic bean he stole and leaving them all behind, Emma’s words clearly meant a lot to him. Alone of his ship with his thoughts, no one is there to tell he can be a good man if only he would come back. Instead, he makes that decision himself telling Emma he needed reminding that he could care about other people. He gave himself this reminder when he turned his ship around and then did not hesitate to offer up his ship to help rescue Henry. He was on his way back to becoming a true hero.

  1. “Killian goes on his first date with Emma.” (Season 4, Episode 4, “The Apprentice”)


There was an abundance of lovely moments as Killian and Emma enjoyed a romantic first date together. From the awestruck expressions as they first saw each other dressed up, to the way they held hands and he held her gently, Killian relishing being able to use both hands for the first time in a century. And I cannot help but smile with glee that at some point he gave her his jacket to wear (I would love to see that scene revisited one day). He was able to do what Emma thought impossible- help her manage to forget about her troubles and threats to the town and simply have a wonderful night. He was finally able to give the savior a night off. But the most spine-tingling romantic movement was when his bright smile about her cramped living conditions turned to a look of such intensity and true vulnerability as he asks her for a second date. His expression is mixture of adoration, uncertainly and hope and Emma answers yes with a fervent goodnight kiss. And neither could handle it! This was the moment you saw how deeply they had fallen and it has only grown deeper since this passionate moment.

  1. “Killian helps restore Ursula’s happy ending” (Season 4, Episode 15 “Poor Unfortunate Soul”)


After being unable to restore Ursula’s voice as he had hoped, she balks back saying he wrong. The only way a villain can get a happy ending is for the author to write them one. When darkness creeps back and he pulls a gun on her, she knocks him out and tosses him into the ocean. Luckily Ariel was nearby to rescue the pirate. She greets him with a slap which he knows he deserves and she lays down an important truth- villains don’t get happy endings because they go about trying to get them the wrong way. And with those words he has a revelation and asks for her help. Ariel brings Ursula’s father Poseidon to Storybrooke who returns her voice, happily reuniting father and daughter. In the end he was able to bring back her happy ending and reunite a family- two of things he longs for the most. This was a beautifully touching scene of acknowledging a past wrong and doing everything he could to correct it. He accepts Ursula’s gentle touch of contrition, but still doubts what the audience (and Emma) can clearly see. He is a good man.

Honorable Mentions:

“After the death of his brother Killian gives his crew an impassioned speech and the pirate is born.” (Season 3, Episode 5 “Good Form)


When Killian loses his brother he also loses his innocence. He and his brother followed orders from someone they believed was a good king and instead were lied to- and Liam suffered the consequences. In an impassioned speech he says they will no longer be sailing under the crown’s colors. They shall rename their ship the Jolly Roger and become pirates, taking what they want for “at least amongst thieves there is honor.” This was powerful and perfectly portrayed by O’Donoghue as we see the pirate born out a loss rather than pure greed.

“Killian tells a memory-less Henry about his father.” (Season 3, Episode 16 “It’s Not Easy Being Green”)


When Henry needs protecting from Zelena, Killian takes him to safety under the guise of teaching him about sailing and telling him about his late father. Of course Killian confuses Henry when he brings up teaching Neal to navigate when he was just a boy, leaving him simply wanting to know something true. What he reveals to him results is a truly heartwarming moment. He says he had taught Neal to sail hoping the sea would ease the sorrow of just losing his father. Killian tells him he has more in common with his father than he realizes and Henry smiles in appreciation. The sweetness of the scene is that he  sees so much of young Balefire in Henry, and the hopes he had years ago of being a father figure are once again revisited. That is very touching.

Favorite Little Moments: 

– The scene in which Emma shares mementos from her childhood was deeply moving and showed the profound and instinctual understanding he has of her feelings and ability to comfort her in the way she needs. Not only does he ask if he can have the honor of seeing a part of her past she rarely shared, but when he sees her sadness he simply holds her hand, puts his arm around her and lets her rest her head on his shoulder- a silent and beautiful form of comfort and solace Emma has rarely ever found.

hook comfort


–  When Emma must say goodbye to her loved ones for what they believe will be forever, you can see the looks on their faces as ones of a life and love almost found. Instead of saying how he feels and making  a promise she will be reunited with everyone, he vows something he knows he undeniably can. Killian promises Emma he will think of her every day, and she responds with a simple “good.” This hopeful response was her way of saying she was happy he would think of her and he sweetly smiles back at her, making her smile through her tears. There are not many moments as lovely and romantic as this one.


– Any time the dashing rapscallion side to Killian’s personality- the charming Captain Hook side- comes out is absolutely golden. Every time is incredibly sexy and, none more so than when he raises his eyebrows or when he tapped his lips asking Emma for a kiss, never thinking she would actually do it.


– When Killian tries to convince Emma to drink a memory potion despite her “good” life where she has a job and Henry and a guy she loves, his response of “Perhaps there’s a man that you love in the life that you’ve lost” is one of the purest forms of hope. He does not know if she returns his feelings, but his hope that she may means a great deal to him. And that little beat where he looks down with both hope and uncertainly is beautiful.

hook love


– When he and Emma discuss whether she has considered Walsh’s marriage proposal, she says yes but as usual she got her heart broken. He is happy and she wonders why. It’s not because she is in pain. It is because if her heart can broken it means it still works. It is his way of telling her he is glad that her heart is still open to love.



– When Emma finds him alive and hugs him so fervently, he believes she is finally going to tell him she love him. You can see the anticipation on his face as he nervously swallows and smiles brightly. But when fear stops her his face drops a bit. But instead of pressing her, he simply accepts her sincere gratitude and accepts his status as a hero, proving once again that all that matters is that he and Emma and there together, no matter whether affection is verbally expressed.

hook nervous


– When he meets Emma for the first time (the fourth time) he is a shy deckhand and when he first sees her, he is so awestruck by her he literally must shake himself out of being entranced by her and offers his hand as a greeting. It was so beautiful to see this instant connection once again, especially with such a sweet and shy version of himself.

hook au2

hook au1


– Any time Killian is overwhelmed or thrown for a loop by Emma it’s adorable such as when she asks him out on a date and misses the dart board by a mile. Clearly, as confident as he can be, she still makes him nervous.  And the image of the two them walking down the street is so lovely as sweet. I don’t think we have ever seen Killian smile as brightly before.

hok darts

hook happy


– Mere hours after meeting Emma, Killian recognizes the look in Emma’s eyes as that of an orphan, a lost girl. Truly kindred spirits from the beginning, his ability to look into her soul so astutely shows the strength of his heart. He can read her like an open book more so than anyone, and a remarkable love story began. Why else would he ask her if she had ever been in love?

emma,hook beanstalk

– After Emma obtains the magical compass he offers his hand to her, ready for them to set back down the beanstalk together. As he says “come let’s go,” his face is sincere and full of hope, and you have to wonder what would have been different if Emma had not handcuffed him in this moment.

hook hope


– Captain Hook versus modern technology is one of the funniest things on earth. Some of the most hilarious moments include asking about Marty McWho, being force fed something called bologna while in jail, and not knowing what Netflix is.

hook marty


– When Emma must distract a past Captain Hook, she amusingly gets him quite drunk. Not enough that he can’t lift her up into his arms and carry her on to his ship, but enough that he gets the name of the ship wrong. There’s not many things as adorably hilarious as him saying “Behold the Rolly Joger!” Equally funny is when present day Killian watches Emma kiss his past self and he gets so jealous he punches him! Absolutely classic moment and one you could only see on Once Upon a Time.

hook jr


– When Emma returns Killian’s heart to his chest, you see the precise moment he begins to fully feel again as he looks at Emma with intensity and then precedes to passionately kiss her up against the wall. This moment is both romantic (she literally holds his heart in her hands) and sexy (he kisses with fervency). How can this not give you butterflies?

hook kiss


– When Rumple is controlling Killian he forces him to tell Emma about the portal to Arendelle so Anna (who know for his identity) will not be able to reveal his past wrong doings. Emma can sense something is wrong, but he can say nothing. Despite that he manages to break from free control for a moment, grabbing Emma’s hand. In this brief moment he was screaming for help and letting her know something was wrong, showing the true strength of his will and his soul.

hook hand


– When Killian forces a smile while in pain, my heart shatters and none were as heart breaking as when he watches Emma and Henry greet the newest member of their Charming clan. He stands in the threshold of the hospital room, peering in with longing in his eyes, symbolically still separated from this example of a happy image of everything he wishes for himself deep in his heart- being a part of a family.

hook sad


– Even after everything he had gone through with Rumplestiltskin controlling his heart, he tells Belle that he did love her, trying to show her comfort that despite everything at least she knows that to be true. These two have sure come along way and it is lovely to watch.

– The iconic pirate moments are also a treat from the signature line he tells Rumplestiltskin “A man unwilling for what he wants deserves what he gets” to his fight with Captain Blackbeard aboard the Jolly Rogers that feels as if it’s straight out of a classic swashbuckling pirate films from a bygone era, these pirates moments are television gold.


hook fight


Favorite Reader Moments:

When it came to favorite moments for our beloved Captain Hook, readers did not hesitate to send in a plethora of amazing and remarkable moments, all of which showcase the varying and wonderful aspects of his character. The top 6 reader moments are:

  1. Killian tells Emma he traded his ship for her in “There’s No Place Like Home”
  2. Killian becomes a pirate in “Good Form”
  3. Killian bandages Emma’s hand in “Tallahassee”
  4. Killian leaves a tearful confession on Emma’s voicemail in “Smash the Mirror”
  5. Killian vows to win Emma’s heart in “Dark Hollow”
  6. Killian sacrifices himself for Emma and Henry in “Operation Mongoose Part 2”

The rest of the favorite moments are (in episode order):

  1. Killian meets Rumplestilskin and says his iconic line in “The Crocodile”
  2. Killian talks to Bae about his mother in “And Straight on Til Morning”
  3. Killian turns his ship around in “And Straight on Til Morning”
  4. Killian loses his brother Liam in “Good Form”
  5. Killian tries True Love’s Kiss on Emma in “Going Home”
  6. Killian, disguised in armor, robs a carriage in “The Jolly Roger”
  7. Killian looks after Neal in the hospital and hugs him in “Quiet Minds”
  8. Killian hugs Emma when she is freed from the ice cave in “White Out”
  9. Killian picks up Emma for their date in “The Apprentice”
  10. Killian gives Emma one last kiss before the shattered sight spell arrives in “Fall”
  11. Killian not being affected by the spell of “Shattered Sight”
  12. Killian is surprised by the faith she is putting on his in “Unforgiven”
  13. Killian reunites Ursula with her father in “Poor Unfortunate Soul”
  14. Killian tells Emma she is his happy ending in “Poor Unfortunate Soul”
  15. Killian helps Emma forgive her parents in “Mother”
  16. Killian anticipates Emma saying I Love You in “Operation Mongoose Part 2”

Thank you to the following readers for sending in their favorite Hook moments: Maii, Sheila, Lyublyana, Mimi, Hagit, Melissa, Meredith, Emily, Alyssa, and Sharon 🙂


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  1. Another excellent character analysis. It was truly a joy to recall the wonderful experiences fans have had in viewing the development of Hook. He is one of my favorite characters in OUAT and the girly nerd captures every little nuance of the pirate, both dark AND noble with his deep love and commitment to Emma Swan.


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