Once Upon a Time Favorite Character Moments: Robin Hood

robin 1

Signature Line: “A thief that steals from those in need has no honor.”

Robin Hood, also known as Robin of Locksley and the outlaw who robs from the rich and gives to the poor, has been depicted many times on screen, and none as unique as on Once Upon a Time. He shares the iconic character’s traits of honor, charm, and courage, but his story takes a interesting turn when he falls in love with The Evil Queen, after his first love Marian has passed away. Only on Once Upon a Time , eh! His character has been through much, but through it all he is determined to live his life with a code of honor. And one thing is definitely certain about this thief- he’s stolen our hearts.

Favorite Moments:

  1. “Robin discovers an alternate page 23 of the Storybook.” (Season 4, Episode 8 “Smash the Mirror”)

robin 2

Just like when the Storybook first appeared, this alternate page that magical materializes in Robin’s satchel depicts a version of reality where Regina found Robin in the tavern all those years ago and the two share a kiss. When he shows this page to Regina he gives her what few have ever been able to give her- hope. He tells her that this is simply a sign that our lives can go down many paths and that a bright future is always possible even if we missed a chance in the past. His sincerity is and optimism is lovely and he is able to make Regina believe unlike anyone else. This scene is such a beautiful example of what I love best about his character and indeed the show itself. Happiness is not some fleeting thing that is gone the instant we run away from it. If we have hope, a happy ending is always possible.

  1. “Robin places Regina’s hand over his heart and tells her to use his for the both of them.” (Season 3, Episode 19 “A Curious Thing”)

robin 3

Even without her heart Regina was still able to feel, and the morning after their first kiss Robin asks her what it is like? When she says she feels but not completely, he places her hand over his heart and says “Use mine for the both of us.” Not only is this an incredibly romantic and symbolic gesture (couples on this show often share hearts in both physical and emotional ways), but it was the first instance where Robin shows that he will love in the way Regina needs- with support and devotion.

  1. “Robin gives Will the elixir of the wounded heart he had stolen for himself.” (Season 4, Episode 17 “Heart of Gold”)

robin 4

In one of the moments that perfectly epitomizes Robin’s true character, he proves that he does indeed have a code of honor and a heart of gold. After stealing the elixir that can heal a broken heart, he lies to Will and says he failed in his attempt to obtain it. But after hearing that Will wanted the elixir to ease his own sorrow, suffering a broken heart from the loss of his sister, Robin is obviously touched and proves to be a good and selfless man. When they two hug and bid each other farewell Robin slips the elixir vile into Will’s pocket without him knowing it, and the look on Mr. Scarlett’s face when he discovers it is priceless.

  1. “Robin stays with a wounded Regina, promising she won’t die alone.” (Season 4, Episode 22 Operation Mongoose Part 2)

robin 5

In the alternate reality our fairy tale characters were written into, Robin Hood married Zelena! But that does not mean he and Regina did not still share a special connection. He may have married another woman, but when he departs the church and sees Regina on the ground, wounded and dying, he rushes to her side and does not even seem to notice when his wife rushes away in jealously. Instead he holds Regina’s hand and promises she won’t die alone, in this very sweet and touching moment.

  1. “Robin chases a thief on horseback in New York City.” (Season 4 Episode, 17 “Heart of Gold”)

robin 6

One of the things I love most about Once Upon a Time is when the fairy tale world and real world that we know clash and collide. Robin and his family were forced to leave Storybrooke and venture into a scary and large city, unaware of many of its pitfalls- one being never leave your bag unattended! When a thief grabs “Marian’s” purse, he goes after the culprit in the only way he knows- on horseback. His pursuit results in his first true fairy tale, heroic moment on the show, something long overdue for his character.

  1. “Robin says goodbye to Regina at the Storybrooke town line.” (Season 4 Episode 11 “Heroes and Villains”)

robin 7

Although we know the truth about “Marian now”, at the time, the moment Robin has to say goodbye to the woman he loved so that Marian could live was heartbreaking to watch, but beautiful in its intensity. He kisses her one last time, and holds her hand and he steps backwards across the threshold of the town line. And when both can no longer see the other a tear falls from his eye before he and his family venture towards their new home. Thank goodness “never being able to return” did not last that long.

  1. “Robin flirts with Regina while looking for clues about the Wicked Witch.” (Season 3, Episode 15 “Quiet Minds”)

Just because you are looking for clues about a dangerous witch in her secret hideaway, does not mean you can’t flirt and share a drink as well. At least that’s how lovable rogue Robin thinks as he flirts with Regina, leaning in close to her and commenting that the Evil moniker does not suit her- more like bold and audacious. Even though their moment was hindered when Regina saw his lion tattoo and fled, scared of her feelings, the attraction between them was intense and has only grown stronger since.

  1. “Robin plays with his son Roland while Regina watches from afar.” (Season 3, Episode 15 “Quiet Minds”)

robin 8

This moment may be short, but no less sweet and touching as Regina watches Robin adorably playing with his young son Roland, pretending to shoot bows and arrows and picking him up into his arms, with glee and love in both of their eyes as the little one clings to his dad and pats him on the back. Both Regina and the audience were given a lovely glimpse into another truth about his character- he is a sweet, playful, and loving father.

  1. “Robin helps Regina open up about a significant letter.” (Season 3, Episode 16 “It’s Not Easy Being Green”)

robin 9

After Regina finds a letter she always thought was about her, realizing now is about Zelena, Regina found herself sad and dejected and Robin, being someone who can read her so well, asks her what is so troubling. Of course what is cute is that first he lifts it from her, saying he’s a pickpocket by trade. But when it turns serious he is there for her and tries to be supportive. This was early on in their relationship, but established the understanding between them that is great to watch.

  1. “Robin and Regina say goodbye before the Spell of Shattered Sight.” (Season 4, Episode 9 “Fall”)

In another incredibly sweet and romantic moment of hope, Robin assures Regina that the spell that is about to come down upon them will not change the way he feels about her. All that matters is the present: “We’re here now and this is true.” This is a just another lovely example of what the show always depicts so beautifully- no matter the dangers and darkness that may come, love will always prevail.

Favorite Little Moments:

– While searching the library for clues about the Storybook he picks up the Dr. Seuss classic and ponders a perfectly legitimate question- Why would a cat want a hat? Is there anyone who did not laugh at this moment?

– While standing guard at the hospital against Zelena with his Merry Men he proclaims “Aim true for Little John!” It was a nice moment that felt perfectly in tune with what the legendary character is about.

– In a funny little nod to the classic Robin Hood tale where there was always animosity between the outlaw and the Sheriff of Nottingham, as well as the first moment we see a true moment of camaraderie between Robin and Emma, he says she is the first sheriff he does not mind assisting.

Favorite Reader Moments:

The tops moments amongst readers were all ones I included on my list as well and were a combination of romantic, heroic and funny ones, definitely rounding out the best parts of his character. While the rest are more of mine, along with some great scenes that I nearly included myself. These moments had a four way tie with readers:

  1. Robin tells Regina to use his heart for the both of them in “A Curious Thing”
  2. Robin chases a thief on horseback in “Heart of Gold”
  3. Robin and Regina have a conversation about hope after the alternate “Page 23” appears in “Smash the Mirror”
  4. After finding the classic Seuss book Robin asks “Why would a Cat want a hat” in “Smash the Mirror”

The rest of readers favorite moments are as follows (In episode order):

  1. Robin asks Mulan to join his Merry Men in “Quite a Common Fairy”
  2. Robin flirts with Regina in “Quiet Minds”
  3. Robin encourages Regina and helps her open up in “It’s Not Easy Being Green”
  4. Robin promises Regina he will get her heart back in “Bleeding Through”
  5. Robin says goodbye to Regina at the Storybrooke town line in “Heroes and Villains”
  6. Robin and Will Scarlet discuss love and heartbreak in “The Snow Queen”
  7. Robin bandages Regina’s hand in “Operation Mongoose Part 1”

Thank you to the following readers for sending in their favorite Robin Hood moments: Mimi, Hagit, Melissa, Meredith, Emily, and Alyssa 🙂

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